A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Desert is more an artistic experience than a game.

Search the desert for treasures and press E to pick them up.

Use directional keys or WASD to navigate. Use your mouse to rotate the camera around.



The Team:

felipegeovani2 - Character, 3D/2D, Textures and Animations

kadanyix - Writing, Shaders, 3D Models and Audio

Burgundiol - Code, 3D Models and Game Design

egPedroso - Code

Change List:

Update 1:

  • Fixed player being able to fall out of the map;
  • Fixed “loot bag” having the wrong material;
  • Fixed some performance issues;
  • Fixed some items being difficult to pick up;
  • Fixed the poems overlapping;
  • Made the UI text scale better with different aspect ratios;
  • Made the gradual max movement speed reduction more noticeable;
  • Increase in player’s initial maximum movement speed;
  • Increased footprints’ lifetime;
  • Reduced delay between poem lines;
  • Fixed mouse appearing on screen when in-game;
  • Fixed shadows not showing up on lower graphics settings;
  • Reduced build size (from 280Mb to 100Mb);
  • Added Linux and Mac builds.

Post-Jam build coming in a few weeks!


Desert_Windows.zip 49 MB
Desert_Linux.zip 50 MB
Desert_MacOS.zip 49 MB


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Do y'all have twitter accounts?

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Yes :) @egPedroso @felipegeovani2 @Burgundiol @kadanyix